Change your future by changing your game

More and more devices are “smart”. Not only because they have their own intelligent IT on board, but mainly because they have 24/7 connectivity via the internet and the cloud to other equipment, mobile devices, and IT systems that operate, analyze, manage, and control all sorts of things. Ultimately, all devices throughout the world will be connected to each other. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), an exciting future that has already begun.

Alliot: one ally, one total solution

Soon there will no longer be any stand-alone devices. So no matter how smart or advanced your device might be, if it is not connected, you will be left behind by the competition. Therefore, you must prepare for IoT now. Alliot is the first party in the Netherlands that has all the disciplines required for IoT in-house: embedded software, business applications, and infrastructure. One multidisciplinary approach with one ally.
So there are never any problems with integration, responsibilities, planning, or costs. Alliot has the knowledge and the vision to make your products ready for the IoT. Want to know exactly what we mean? Review our cases. Want to know what we can do for you? We will be happy to pay you a visit.